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July 2019: San Diego Comic-Con

For the second year in a row, Sara will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con in July. Still working out the details for panels, signings, and more. We’ll keep you updated as we find out!

Reviews of The Late Great Wizard

From Publishers Weekly July 30, 2018

         Hanover skillfully launches her first series with a delightful contemporary fantasy set in Richmond, Va. College student Tessa Andrews is a lifelong misanthrope still struggling to recover from the disappearance of her father, a gambling addict who vanished along with all the family’s money. When her cantankerous neighbor Professor Brandard’s house burns down, Tessa is abruptly pulled into a hidden world of magic, mystery, and mayhem. Professor Brandard is a phoenix wizard, reborn into a younger body by his death in the fire, and he needs Tessa’s help to regain his magic—both for his own sake and because a great evil is coming. Along the way, Tessa makes and loses new friends, and discovers her own connection to magic as well as magic’s connection to her missing father. Though comfortably nestled in familiar tropes, this clever romp delivers strong characters and a heartfelt tone that will charm fans of the genre. (Sept. 2018)

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